Welcome to our new, modern and informative website!!

I have a love/hate relationship with technology because I know what it can do to make our lives easier (usually), keep us connected, provide education and information and bring the world to our door step at the click of a button. Because of technology I am able to work as the Executive Director for NABHO while living on our farm in rural Nebraska. But learning how to navigate in the 21st century world of technology with a 20th century mind can bring out many of my insecurities!! I just need to remind myself that mistakes are proof that I am trying and even an expert was once a beginner! 

I know our new website and membership management program will help keep NABHO members better informed and engaged while also providing important information about mental illness and substance use disorders to the public. We fear what we don't know or understand and as a society we still have a ways to go when it comes to understanding and supporting those who suffer with a mental illness or addiction. The brain is an organ just like our heart, kidney or lungs. Any part of our body is susceptible to an illness, including the brain. There are treatments for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, colds and flu. There are also treatments for illnesses of the brain, and they work. One in five Nebraskans suffer from a mental illness. Individuals with a behavioral health disorder die 20 years earlier than the general population while at the same time 88 of our 93 Nebraska counties are designated mental health professions shortage areas.

We have challenges but we also have opportunities. NABHO's mission is to build alliances to ensure quality behavioral health services, including substance use and mental health services, are accessible to all Nebraskans. This website is just one of the tools our association will use to foster understanding and build strong alliances.