Areas of Focus

NABHO works very hard to be a strong voice for behavioral health and substance use issues and needs. We believe education is key to attaining the needed resources which support this important component of our healthcare system. Without adequate rates and reimbursements we cannot build capacity within our service array and without that capacity we cannot meet the behavioral health care needs of our citizens. 

Advocacy at the state and national level is a priority for our members. Every year, we identify a slate of issues around which to advocate, including those above. These guide our activity and aid us in drafting legislation and advocating for bills that others have drafted with an aim at improving behavioral healthcare and access to it.

We support our advocacy efforts by networking with members at monthly meetings, establishing cooperative working relationships with the various governing entities and managed care organizations, and approaching problems with a mindset to work collaboratively. We strive to focus on helping citizens who need behavioral health services receive the quality care they need to live a full and productive life.

In 2022, NABHO focused on Rates, CCBHC's, ARPA Funds, and Workforce.

Rates ARPA Funds CCBHC's Workforce




In 2021, NABHO focused on legislation related to Telehealth, Provider Rates, and the Behavioral Health Regions